Welcome to NUS BBA

At Asia's Global Business School, we seek students who demonstrate high EQ and a strong drive to pursue all-round excellence, in addition to having good communication and leadership skills.

We intend Singapore's NUS BBA to be the magnet in Asia for the most promising burgeoning leaders and managers with global aspirations; we are creating a communal hothouse for the best around the world to mingle, learn and grow together. While designing the ideal milieu for each Bizader's social, intellectual and leadership developments, we are also ensuring that Biz will
be the consummate cosmopolitan collegiate talent commune for building lifelong relationships.

We wish to be associated with the community of individually most valuable alumni -- being the most cherished professionals universally and having the strongest ties back to Biz. We are therefore always trying to globally attract the most enriching professors, the most engaging administrators and the most enterprising students to collectively empower a select and intimate circle of future movers and shakers of economies, societies and academia.